Thursday, 16 January 2014

Flesh Prison (UK) - "Heaven's Gate"

To my knowledge, Kent has never really had a cohesive Noise "scene" as such; a few scattered artists and collectives here and there; from the full-on noise wall of Slugbait to the more expansive experiments of Nancy's Place and Splintered, and my own flirtings with the genre as Balbulus and Lambda Sond. There may well have been others I wasn't aware of, huddled over their distortion pedals and laughing at my ignorance. 

Of late however, I have become aware of a small scene emerging in Folkestone, largely centred around the various projects of one young man, Reece Green, who apart from being vocalist for Black/PV oufit Sorg, records under the names Other Life and Flesh Prison. Other Life provides a gentler approach, with subtle lambent melodies lurking amidst the static, whilst Flesh Prison is devoid of these niceties, focussing instead on the harsher side of the genre. This is not however a constant full-frontal assault (such approaches tire me easily); there is a constant ebb and flow to the textures, minimal rhythmic loop textures lull the listener into a trance before building up to a pummelling cacophony. There is a tendency towards the lower end of the spectrum, distorted rumblings rather than high-end scree. There is also a raw spontaneity to the material that I find appealing, nothing here has been over-thought or perfected.

This release can be obtained as a "name your price" download from the BandCamp page, plus the SoundCloud page has more regular (if less organised) updates and new tracks.

For more information and updates, keep an eye on the Facebook page.

Note: In addition to these projects, Reece has recently started Vanity Pill, a small cassette label dedicated to UK noise and experimental projects.

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