Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sex Act (UK) - Demo I: Confession

Reece Green. Again. The guy seems to produce quality projects like you and I produce stools. I've never even met the guy and I want to take him home and keep him chained naked in my cellar, creating edgy underground sonic art to fulfil my every perverse whim.

This latest offering from the man is Sex Act, a one-man lo-fi black metal-based project with post-punk influences. The music is raw and simple; primal and repetitive guitar riffs create a wash of distorted noise, so much so that I can't actually tell if there are any drums or not. The post-punk influence mainly manifests itself in the vocals, which sound like the tormented shade of Ian Curtis murmuring despondently through a distorted mic in the next room, whilst still hanging from the rope that killed him.

There are 6 untitled tracks here, five of which follow largely the above formula. The final track however diverts into slightly different territory; a sheet of squally feedback taking it into the realms of industrial noise, more akin to Reece's other outlets Other Life or Flesh Prison.

This, like Reece's other projects should be available soon on cassette via his Vanity Pill label, and is now available to download from:

I'll see you all next week, by which time Reece should have seven new projects for me to review.

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