Saturday, 29 January 2011


Ok here is my second upload, something pretty rare here and I haven't seen it on any other blogs so far so we might even have an exclusive for The Woodsman's Axe...

CRUENTUS were a Blackened Death Metal band from Essex in the UK. I was sent this demo by the bands bass player Mark to review it in my Crucifixion Zine, and as far as I know, this is the only release that the band ever put out.

If you liked the THUS DEFILED demo that I uploaded last week then this will be right up your street. This is their 1993 demo, ripped at 320kps and complete with a scan of the inlay.

  1. Of Unknown Origin
  2.  Condemned To Darkness
  3. Blind Devotion
  4. Psychotic Dellusions

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD

This album is an absolute gem. DR. CHAIR was the alias of a guy called Richard Cron from Hythe, Kent; something of a local anarchist, satanist and all-round nutter. He was renowned for turning up to local open mic nights with an acoustic guitar and just screaming into the microphone. He also once asked my girlfriend to join his coven...

The songs on "Witter & Beard" (I presume the title is a play on "Bitter and Weird") are top-notch madcap DIY Psych/Punk, with all instruments played by the man himself. Standout tracks for me are "More Weed Sir?" (the sound of a man being force-fed marijuana -- albeit very politely), and "The Bavarian Knights" (a punked up instrumental based on a traditional melody).

EDIT: I have since been contacted by the man himself, who confirms that my assumption regarding the title is correct...

Dr. Chair (UK) -- "Witter & Beard" CD (2001)

01. Lighting The Bong
02. The Doctor's Theme
03. Stormy Waters
04. Bollocks
05. Times Change
06. The Bavarian Knights
07. Prove It
08. More Weed Sir?
09. Paradise Lost
10. I've Got To Air My Feelings
11. If You're Not Mad, You Will Be
12. The Cast
13. untitled hidden track

The Slugs (UK) -- "Invasion Of The Slugs" (2005)

Following the vein I've been tapping the past couple of days, this is ANOTHER Folkestone Punk band featuring Rocker and Ug (previously of CLITS OF ORIS, later of THE HOFMANN SOUND). Whilst this isn't as sludgily filthy as The Clits, nor as perfectly angular as The Hoffs, it's still a worthy listen.

The Slugs (UK) -- "Invasion Of The Slugs" (2005)

01. Cocaine = Shit
02. Squelch
03. Multinational Corporate Businessman (C.U.N.T.)
04. I Am Not Your Slave
05. Plastic Robots
06. Resist The Pressure
07. Sick Joke
08. Demons
09. Operation Bug
10. Hate

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Clits Of Oris (UK) -- Live

THE CLITS OF ORIS were a noisy Sludge-Punk band based in Folkestone, featuring Rocker and Ug who later played in THE HOFMANN SOUND (who I posted earlier). I don't think they ever released any material, so this live recording I made could well be the only recording of them in existence.

Special mention should be made of the sheer genius of track 4, "The Nazi Cokey".

Alas, my faulty MiniDisc player accidentally deleted the 1st track whilst I was ripping this (a poor workman etc. etc.).

The Clis Of Oris (UK) -- Live @ The Harp Club, Folkestone, 12/03/04

2. Scum
3. What's The Score?
4. The Nazi Cokey
5. Pay To Die
6. Alive But Dead
7. Down Not Out
8. This Is Your Life

Download link removed -- I have found another copy of my recording, with the 1st track still in place. I will reupload as soon as I have ripped it.

The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

THE HOFMANN SOUND were a fantastic Post Punk band, quite possibly the best band to emerge from Folkestone in recent years. I posted a 3-song promo of this album a while back, but I'm now posting the whole album (+ bonus tracks), because the bastards split up over a year ago, and this is far too good to be forgotten. The musical formula is a juxtaposition of abrasive, scratchy guitar that sounds like broken glass being ground into your eyeballs, a killer rhythm section with tight locked-in grooves, and vocals that simply ooze venom.

I love The Hofmann Sound, but I hate them for splitting up. Bastards.


The Hofmann Sound (UK) -- "Is This It?" CD (2009)

01. Journey To Nowhere
02. No Direction
03. Velvet Lined Coffers
04. Sweetpea
05. Filth Detector
06. Disconnect
07. Nicked
08. Analysis
09. Pulse Vibration
10. Ug's Machine
11. Swamp Death
12. TWD
13. Subject To Change (bonus track)

14. Downslide (live)
15. Exit Stance (live)


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thus Defiled 'Blasphemous Coven' Demo 1993

Firstly a big thank you to Balbulus for allowing me to contribute to the The Woodman's Axe. I have a lot of demos that I will be uploading over the coming weeks and months but here is a fairly rare one to kick off with.

THUS DEFILED from Hove, near Brighton in the UK, began their career as a Blackened Death Metal act in the early 90's before getting a record deal and changing their style to the full on Black Metal sound we know them for today.

This is their 1993 demo Blasphemous Coven, ripped in 320kps and complete with full inlay scan in the folder. ENJOY.


1. Intro
2. Invocation 
3. Desolation Of Twilight
4. Ascend...

Friday, 21 January 2011

New contributor...

Just a quick notice to introduce you to the new contributor to the blog -- Witchclan. He will be starting to post stuff in the next few days, and he assures me he has some great old Metal demos to share. Seeing as I've pretty much exhausted my Metal demos, I will probably focus more on non-Metal material in order to maintain the blog's eclecticism.

Cheers! Onwards and upwards...


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Epidemic (UK) -- Demos 1989 + 1990

Not to be confused with the various other bands of the same name, EPIDEMIC were a long-lived Punk band based in Whitstable, Kent from 1981-1991. These two demos are great slabs of aggressive and vitriolic Punk with a surprisingly Metallic guitar sound, verging on Thrash in places.

Founder member Pat Murphy later formed Gothic Punk/Metal band JESUS FIX (who incidentally I have now joined!).

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 1 (1988)

1. U.A.D.
2. Necrolatry
3. Follow Me

Epidemic (UK) -- Demo 2 (1989)

1. Bred To Fight
2. Behind Locked Doors
3. Your Mistake

Dribblebus (UK) -- Demo 1995

DRIBBLEBUS were a great Indie-Punk band from Ashford, Kent during the mid 90s who were (and still are) good friends of mine. This demo was their only release (to my knowledge), and contains 4 light-hearted and catchy songs -- nothing extreme or aggressive, although the band did begin to show a harder edge in later material.

Info (Kent Band Archive)

Dribblebus -- Demo 1995

1. Freakshow
2. Soap In The Eyes
3. Adios Amigo
4. Ha Ha Fashion

Salem Orchid (UK) -- demos

One of my first posts on this blog was pre-Akercocke band Church Of Satan, and I promised to post the demos of earlier band Salem Orchid. After much time putting off the mammoth task of ripping and cleaning the tracks, I have finally taken the bull by the horns. Here then are the 1990 and 1991 demos from the band, plus a collection of various other tracks. I have taken the 1991 demo from the import version of Akercocke's "Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene" CD, as they are better quality than my tapes. It also includes a bonus track that was not on the original demo release. The 1990 Demo and other tracks are my own rip.

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1990

1. GehennaTopethe
2. The Unholy Trinity
3. Carnival Of Souls
4. Litanies Of Darkness

Salem Orchid -- Demo 1991

1. Sempiternal Suffering
2. The Nirvana Of Agony

3. Luciferian Canto (bonus track)

Salem Orchid -- Various tracks (1991-1994)

1. The Many Quixotic Passages To Faith

2. GehennaTopethe (live)
3. Carnival Of Souls (live)
4. The Invocation (live)

5. In The Sand
6. A Garden Of Tears

7. Indecision Plagues Me

There were other tracks, but my tape appears to be damaged (or not recorded properly), and so only one track from that batch is presentable (track 7).